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The Interview

When you think of The Interview setup, think of a talk show.

Two participants sit back in comfortable chairs with nothing in between them and the camera views. The chairs can face each other at an angle so the participants can hold a casual conversation.

The Interview is ideal for:

  • Co-hosted sessions that do not require props, products or computers
  • Sessions in which a host interviews an in-studio guest
Microphone Setup

For this setup, lavalier microphones are recommended. They are attached to clothing beneath the chin area and plugged in to a wireless body pack receiver supplied to each participant.

Camera Setups

For all video sessions, the main camera focuses on the entire stage. In the Video Max session, additional camera views focus on each person, allowing for a dynamic session that follows the action and conversation. Video Max also enables the main camera to be in motion, adding more movement to your show.


Any of the four background options (curtain, curtain with monitor, wall with monitor, green screen) can be used with this setup. However, the recommended creator package is Video Max as it provides multi-camera switching between in-studio participants, and multi-camera switching is not compatible with the green screen background.

Video Display

For all video sessions, the monitor behind the participants (if selected in background options) can display the show’s logo. For Video Max and Video Plus sessions, it can optionally show presentations, images, virtual participants or any video content that is part of your session. A smaller monitor, mounted in front of the participants, shows the same content so participants don’t have to turn around.

Audio Playback

If your session includes any audio content, such as clips, voices from virtual guests or sound effects, these sounds will be heard through an in-ear monitoring system. (Virtual participants will not be able to hear this audio.) A wireless bodypack is supplied for each participant. You can bring your own standard headphones to plug into the bodypack, or we can furnish a hidden single-ear headset.

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