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The Speech

The Speech is a specific-use setup that lets you speak directly to your audience in a formal setting.

A single-participant podium is used to hold notes and a desktop-mounted microphone.

The Speech is ideal for:

  • Recorded speeches or sermons
  • Presentations with an accompanying display monitor
  • Reading teleprompter content
Microphone Setup

For this setup, a dynamic microphone is recommended. It is secured on a desktop mount. However, if the podium top space is needed, a lavalier mic can be used instead.

Camera Setups

If the wall-mounted display monitor is part of the session, the main camera focuses on the entire stage. If not, it focuses on the speaker. If a teleprompter is used, it replaces the main camera allowing the speaker to read words while looking directly into the main camera. In the Video Max session, an additional camera view can focus on the speaker or podium from a side or overhead angle.


For this setup. a dark curtain background is recommended as it puts the focus on the speaker. A green screen image can also be used in the Video Classic or Video Plus creator package as long as the image does not detract from the speaker.

Video Display

For all video sessions, the monitor behind the participants (if selected in background options) can display the show’s logo. For Video Max and Video Plus sessions, it can optionally show presentations, images, virtual participants or any video content that is part of your session. A smaller monitor, mounted in front of the participants, shows the same content so participants don’t have to turn around.

Audio Playback

If your session includes any audio content, such as clips, voices from virtual guests or sound effects, these sounds will be heard through an in-ear monitoring system. (Virtual participants will not be able to hear this audio.) A wireless bodypack is supplied for each participant. You can bring your own standard headphones to plug into the bodypack, or we can furnish a hidden single-ear headset.