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Try new things to better engage your audience. Produce more content faster with higher quality.



  1. More capability
    1. Trying new ideas becomes a hassle when you have to worry about moving lights, laying wires and re-arranging your background. Podcast Place is set up to let you try different environments for different applications. Select your background, stage props, seating, microphone types and camera angles. Even bring your own tchotchkes to use on the desk or shelves (our toy robots would be happy to move over!) Do all this with a few simple clicks during the session booking process, and everything is ready to go when you arrive..
    1. Better equipment
      1. As your episodes get better, so should your production quality. Studies show that audiences stay engaged longer when the quality of the content is better. Podcast Place uses the same equipment found in professional music and broadcast studios worldwide to capture your content. This means you can improve the production value of your episodes without re-investing thousands of dollars in new equipment.
    1. Faster production
      1. If you dread the post-production process for your video work, you’re not alone. Our process is like a TV news production in that we can capture your show from multiple angles and switch between them throughout the recording session. This means you can produce an entire multi-view episode in the same amount of time as a single-view session, and avoid the time and expense of post-production.

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