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Video Classic

No-Nonsense Video Sessions With Superb Quality. 

Need to keep it simple? Video Classic puts you in front of a single camera to monologue, train or express yourself.

Video Classic also includes the following:
Choice of Setup

You can select the perfect stage setup for your video session. Choose from one of five setups during the scheduling process.

Choice of Background

Select from a closed curtain, closed curtain with display monitor, a green screen or an open curtain with display monitor. For the green screen, you would supply the image file prior to your session. For the open curtain option, you can bring your own items to place on the shelves.

Choice of Mics

If you are stationary with a desk or podium in front of you, the traditional dynamic microphone is the best choice. If you are moving around or seated in a chair with nothing in front of you, the lavalier mic works best because it does not stand out between you and the camera. However, we will make either choice work in any situation.

In addition, you can add these options to the Video Classic session:
Standing Whiteboard

If your session includes written instruction, you can use a large whiteboard to clearly demonstrate your points. (Note that due to the size of the stage, it is only compatible with the closed curtain background.)


The teleprompter is ideal when you need to read exact words during your session, such as when giving a speech. Words scroll up on an easy-to-read display at a speed that is comfortable for you. The camera is located behind the screen so that your audience sees you looking directly at them. You would supply the text file prior to your session.