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Add these options to customize your session:

Additional Person (+$10)

Build audience engagement and content depth with an in-studio guest or co-host.

Audio / Video Clips (+$10)

Add recorded interviews and soundbites to your session. Control them yourself with the included clip player, or we will trigger them for you.

Bluetooth Audio (+$10)

Use your Bluetooth-connected smartphone to play recorded audio. (Will not transmit audio from phone calls.)

Computer Use (+$10)

Interview virtual hosts or guests via your videoconference software, surf the Web, demonstrate software or conduct a presentation or webinar.

Green Screen Background (+$30)

Create your own setting to put your session anywhere your imagination can take it! Your high-resolution image becomes your background, (Note: This selection is not compatible with the Multiple Views option.)

Intro, Titles & Topics (+$20)

Add your video intro and introduce participants or products with an on-screen description. Also, add up to four topic titles points or questions to accompany your on-screen discussions.

Teleprompter (+$30)

Use a teleprompter to professionally deliver your speech, sermon or statement. Your text file flows on a special screen in front of the camera, letting you look directly at your audience.

Additional Time (+$20 per half-hour)

Need to run longer? Prepay for the additional time you need.