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Podcast Packages

Save Time and Money With a Session Package!

Session Packages enable you to pay once and schedule your sessions whenever you want, without the hassle of paying for each session. Plus, they offer a significant savings compared to purchasing individual sessions. Choose between a half season (5 episodes) or a full season (10 episodes), then prepay for the sessions and all of the add-ons and services you want in your podcast. (See all of the add-ons here.) When you’re ready to schedule a session, simply fill in the date on your Session Manager, and you’re on the calendar!

10-Session Package

Save 15% on the session rate and all add-ons and services included at time of purchase
Starting at $841.50


5-Session Package

Save 10% on the session rate and all add-ons and services included at time of purchase
Starting at $445.50
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Please Note: 5-Session Packages expire after 90 days; 10-Session Packages expire after 180 days. Also, while packages enable you to reserve dates in advance, you should only reserve confirmed sessions. Reserving sessions “on spec” (unconfirmed) and/or excessive rescheduling takes opportunities away from other creators and may result in restricted scheduling.

New to Podcasting? Hit the Ground Running With the Starter Package!

The Starter Package is for those who are totally new to podcasting but have a desire to share their knowledge and creativity with the world. We take care of everything you need to get started, including training! The Starter Package also includes three recording sessions so you can start building content right away. Here are the details:

• Logo Creation

• Intro and Outro Creation

• YouTube Page Setup (including art and wording)

• Account Setup (including art and wording)

• Instagram Page Setup (including art and wording)

• 3 Hours of Consultation and Training

• 1 Training Recorded Episode

• 3 Recorded Episodes (most add-ons included)

• Thumbnail art, uploading, and hashtags for 1 episode

• 500 show-branded business cards

The All-Inclusive Starter Package is Only $1497

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