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Membership Plans

Membership is the Best Way to Experience All of What Podcast Place Has to Offer.

If you’re serious about producing your podcast episodes on time, a membership is your perfect solution. Each includes all of our best features so you don’t have to worry about changing costs for each episode. Select from three plans that keep you in front of your audience 2, 4 or 6 times per month!

All Membership Tiers Include:

Up to 1 Hour of Recording or Streaming

We don't want you to be worried about the clock when trying to create. We provide you with a 30-minute cushion in case guests are late, you need prep time or want to take pictures with guests afterward.

Accommodation for Up to 5 People

Take center stage and deliver your content in an ideal setting with premium-quality audio and video.

Intro, Titles & Topics

Add your video intro and introduce participants or products with an on-screen description. Also, add up to 10 topic titles points or questions to accompany your on-screen discussions.

Logo or Image on the Wall Display

Your logo or an image that represents your session will show on the display, reinforcing your brand. If you have virtual guests, video clips or web pages, they will show on the display as well.

Choice of Curtain Accent

Select from several curtain colors or bring your own! You can also opt for gridwall and hooks to display clothing and other merchandise.

Quality Check and Digital Delivery

Your recording receives a final treatment to ensure audio and video are up to par. We then send you download links for an audio / video file (for uploading to YouTube or other video-based services) in MP4 format, as well as an audio-only file (MP3) for use on audio podcast platforms.

ReelzReady Video for Social

Save your valuable time creating vertical-format content! In addition to the 16x9 version for YouTube and Spotify, we deliver your full session recording in 9x16 format, perfectly sized for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts. No more adjusting video back and forth: simply find the sections you want, clip and post!

Images or Video Clips

Add pictures, PowerPoint slides or video clips to your session. Control them yourself or we will trigger them for you.

Online Demos / Virtual Guest(s)

Interview virtual hosts or guests via your videoconference software, surf the Web, demonstrate software or conduct a presentation or webinar.

Choice of Setup

You can select the perfect stage setup for your video session. Set A is for 1 or 2 people and can be configured with a half-round table and chairs, or lounge chairs (perfect for interviews). Or, select Set B, our larger couch and chairs set for 2 to 5 people.

Multi-Camera Video

Like a live TV show, we switch between camera views during the recording based on what you are showing on the display or who is speaking. This produces a single recording that looks like it was post-edited, but without the extra session or the expense.

Guest Call-In

Let your followers participate in your show! We give you a special number for audience members to queue up to join the conversation.

Select Your Membership Plan:

Memberships last six months. The set number of episodes must be completed in the designated month. Episodes do not roll over into the next month. For monthly billing plans, each payment is automatically deducted from your payment source on file. 

Level Price  
6 Episodes per Month $549.00 per Month.
Membership expires after 6 Months.
4 Episodes per Month $399.00 per Month.
Membership expires after 6 Months.
2 Episodes per Month $239.00 per Month.
Membership expires after 6 Months.

*Please Note: A session is the time allotted to produce a single episode. To produce multiple episodes in one visit, please select Back-to Back Sessions when scheduling.