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Features and Pricing

It’s Easy to Plan Your Session at Podcast Place.

You start with the core session package, then simply add features and options to customize your session. Pricing is based on the cost of the core session* plus add-ons. Then, select an available date and time to conduct your session. After that, select your stage setup and background, and note any specific requests. Your complete setup will be ready to go when you arrive.

The Core Session Package is $60 per session* (up to 1.5 hours) and includes:

Accommodation for One Person

Take center stage and deliver your content in an ideal setting with premium-quality audio and video.

Multi-Camera Video

Like a live TV show, we switch between camera views during the recording based on what you are showing on the display or who is speaking. This produces a single recording that looks like it was post-edited, but without the extra session or the expense. (Not compatible with green screen.)

Choice of Setup

You can select the perfect stage setup for your video session. Choose from one of five setups during the scheduling process: Table and chairs (great for most sessions); Lounge chairs (perfect for interviews); Standing-height small table (ideal for product reviews); Podium (best for speeches or sermons; Open space to move around (excellent for instruction)

Choice of Background

Select from a light or dark curtains, or a stylish wood shutter look. All feature a display monitor for your logo and shelves for your trinkets. Or, select a large whiteboard for instructional content.

Choice of Mics

If you are stationary with a desk or podium in front of you, the traditional dynamic microphone is the best choice. If you are standing and moving around, the lavalier mic works best because it does not stand out between you and the camera. However, we will make either choice work in any situation.

Logo or Image on the Wall Display

If you select a background that includes the wall display, it will show your logo or an image that represents your session.

Quality Check and Digital Delivery

Your recording receives a final treatment to ensure audio and video are up to par. We then send you download links for an audio / video file (for uploading to YouTube or other video-based services) in MP4 format, as well as an audio-only file (MP3) for use on audio podcast platforms.

Add these options to customize your session:

Additional Person (+$10)

Build audience engagement and content depth with an in-studio guest or co-host.

Audio / Video Clips (+$10)

Add recorded interviews and soundbites to your session. Control them yourself with the included clip player, or we will trigger them for you.

Bluetooth Audio (+$10)

Use your Bluetooth-connected smartphone to play recorded audio. (Will not transmit audio from phone calls,)

Computer Use (+$10)

Interview virtual hosts or guests via your videoconference software, surf the Web, demonstrate software or conduct a presentation or webinar.

Green Screen Background (+$30)

Create your own setting to put your session anywhere your imagination can take it! Your high-resolution image becomes your background, (Note: This selection is not compatible with the Multiple Views option.)

Intro, Titles & Topics (+$20)

Add your video intro and introduce participants or products with an on-screen description. Also, add up to four topic titles points or questions to accompany your on-screen discussions.

Teleprompter (+$30)

Use a teleprompter to professionally deliver your speech, sermon or statement. Your text file flows on a special screen in front of the camera, letting you look directly at your audience.

Post-Production Requests

Audio / video quality checks and file optimization are included in the Core Session price. Want other edits or additions? The answer is Yes! We can perform custom edits and additions for $25 per half hour. (Estimates may require payment in advance.)

*Please Note: A session is the time allotted to produce a single episode. To produce multiple episodes in one visit, please schedule consecutive sessions.