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Frequently-Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Q: There are a lot of music studios offering podcasting services. Is Podcast Place a music studio?

A: Podcast Place is designed specifically for podcasts, interviews and small-space creative activities. Its two sets provide a multitude of creative options that can be configured to fit your content need. Our facility is focused on capturing your creativity in audio or video, for you to upload and share with your audience.

Q: What do you mean by “managed” service?

A: “Managed” means that we do the work for you! Our focus is on ensuring that you can just concentrate on your content without having to learn hardware or software.

Q: How many people can be part of my session?

A: Podcast Place has two sets: one designed for two people, the other for up to five.

Q: Can I invite guests to the studio to view the session?

A: We request that your party be limited to two non-show guests maximum.

Q: Are children allowed in the studio?

A: Unless they are part of the production, children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the studio. This to ensure minimal noise and the highest production quality.

Q: Can I bring my own recording equipment or “go live” on my phone during the session?

A: Feel free to collect BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage before or after your recording session; however, additional recording is not allowed during session. This policy protects your rights to your content and presents the quality of the studio production in the right light. Of course, you can stream your podcast live through the studio’s services; feel free to ask!

Q: What other services do you offer?


As the name suggests, Podcast Place is designed to allow audio and video podcasters to create in a highly versatile space. But it’s also good for businesses and individuals who want a professionally equipped space to host a webinar, record a corporate statement, make a training video or conduct an interview.

Q: Can I/we smoke or vape during our session?

A: Unfortunately there is no smoking or vaping allowed anywhere in the building or studio.

Q: What happens if we need more time? Can we request it ahead of time?

A: Yes! When you schedule your session, you can add on up to an hour of time (in half-hour intervals) for an additional fee.

Q: We want to bring props for the shelves in our background. Can you store them so we don’t need to bring them every session?

A: Sure. We keep each show’s props (depending on size and quantity) in a special area so we can have everything set up when you arrive.

Q: What is included in a session? And can I record multiple episodes of my podcast in one session?

A: A sessions starts when you enter the studio and ends when you leave. While the session time is 90 minutes, you can record up to an hour. This gives most groups ample time to prep guests and discuss content before recording, or take pictures after. Each session is intended for a single episode of your podcast. You can book multiple sessions during the scheduling process.

Q: Can I / Should I arrive early for my session?

A: We request that you arrive on time for your session, not early. If you come early, you risk interrupting another podcaster’s show.

Q: Do you have a “ready room” where we can prep for our show or prep guests?

A: We do. Prep in our “green room” setting area with high-speed Internet, comfy chairs, a 4-person conference table,  computer, a printer and whiteboard. Plus, you’ll find all the “little things” you might need, such as tissue, breath mints, cloth wipes, mirrors, Post-It® notes and more. Restrooms are located one floor below.