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Frequently-Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Q: There are a lot of music studios offering podcasting services. Is Podcast Place a music studio?

A: No. Podcast Place is a performance studio designed specifically for small-space multimedia creators. The main working space is a “stage” that can be configured to fit your content need. Our facility is focused on capturing your creativity in audio or video, for you to upload and share with your audience.

Q: What do you mean by “managed” service?

A: “Managed” means that we do the work for you! Our focus is on ensuring that you can just concentrate on your content without having to learn hardware or software.

Q: Why does your service only allow two people?

A: When we designed the studio, we made the choice for more capability over more guest space. Our research has shown that the majority of podcasters are either solo, solo with the occasional guest, or co-hosted teams. There are several other services that cater to larger groups, so we chose to allocate space and resources for a more flexible experience that lets creators try new approaches to producing content and earning an audience.

Q: Do you offer editing?

A: Not at this point. Our model is to be as efficient as possible, which means solving most issues before your session rather than after. That’s why we use premium equipment and offer live camera switching. However, we can operate as your one-stop shop and outsource your editing needs to our partner facility.

Q: What other services do you offer?


As the name suggests, Podcast Place is designed to allow audio and video podcasters to create in a highly versatile space. But it’s also good for businesses and individuals who want a professionally equipped space to host a webinar, record a corporate statement, make a training video or conduct an interview. In addition, we offer public relations and email marketing services through our parent company.

Q: Assuming you already have a business, why start Podcast Place?

A: Two reasons. First, we want to eliminate the roadblocks to creative expression. Podcast Place lets anyone with an idea come in and create without having to learn software or buy expensive hardware.  And second, we want your energy! Creative environments always benefit from an infusion of imagination and artistic influence. Bringing creative professionals together in one place will surely rub off on everyone is a positive way. Call it good karma!