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Our Response to COVID-19

Hello Fellow Creators and Soon-to-Be Creators:

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all in unprecedented ways. If you or someone you know has contracted the virus, you have my sincerest wishes for a strong and speedy recovery.

Interestingly enough, we have seen how more people have turned to video, whether it is for work, to stay in touch with family, or just to share their experiences. It’s made us all that much more creative.

We are taking extra measures to ensure the studio environment is as safe as it is creative. All fixtures and equipment will be sanitized in between each session. In addition, sanitizer, masks and wipes will be at your disposal to ensure you are comfortable here.

The staff here is fully vaccinated. Per CDC guidelines, we are comfortable working without masks if you are fully vaccinated as well.

After all, the only thing we want you to leave with is a recording of your next work, and more importantly, we’d love to have you come back!

Stay Safe, and we look forward to hearing from you!

 – Solomon Daniels, Fellow Creator

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