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Podcast Place for Beginners

You Want to Share Your Experience With a Podcast. What’s Next?

This is usually the beginning—and in too many cases, the end …

… of the thought process for producing a podcast. For every person who starts one, there are probably hundreds who don’t go further than the great idea because they can’t answer the question: what’s next?

The Internet: Good and Bad

Looking around online for this information can find you some answers but can also overwhelm you with choices. In the end, you get stuck on production worries before you’ve even had a chance to develop your idea.

Podcast Place is Your Solution.

Our versatile service removes the roadblocks to creative sharing and expression.

It’s All Done For You

At Podcast Place, we eliminate all your worries about audio, video and lighting equipment. Our stage is equipped with studio-grade products to ensure premium-quality sessions every time. You can simply focus on creating and delivering content that will inform and engage your audience.

Select the Perfect Setting

Make your stage environment perfect for your podcast. Pick the background, furniture, fixtures and accessories that help you share your experience. In fact, you select everything during the reservation process so everything is ready to go when you arrive.

Friendly, No-Pressure Environment

The great part of creating a podcast is that it should be fun. Our process is designed to make your experience fun and hassle-free. Out supportive staff walks you through every step and answers all your questions so you can be your most confident when the cameras start rolling.

Let’s Share Your Idea With the World.