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How Important is Video Content Marketing to Your Business?

Remember when …

… email wasn’t the primary way people communicated? (Depending on your age, maybe you don’t.) It seemed like it was almost overnight that businesses crowned email as the official means of companywide information transfer. That’s how video content marketing is. It went from cat videos to the primary means of how people receive content.

Who’s in Charge?

While larger companies have devoted staff to creating video content, smaller companies have less of a clear road. They know they should be creating more content but don’t have a set program. Most times, the employee who has the better camera or the most Instagram followers is charged with video content creation, but it’s not a consistent practice. (That person has a job, after all.)

U.S. Consumers Who Watch Video on at Least 1 Device

Source: Statista


Percentage of Users Who Want More Video Content

Source: Hubspot

Podcast Place is Your Solution.

You have a facility in your neighborhood where you can create premium-quality video content—quickly—at a price that fits your budget.

Easy Entry into Video Content Marketing

Podcast Place simplifies the process by becoming your go-to-resource to help you create video content for marketing. We help you flesh out fresh ideas and give you the professional setting, support and resources to produce them with consistent, reliable quality.

Local and Cost-Effective

Podcast Place is designed to be as efficient as possible to deliver high-quality content on your schedule. This efficiency enables us to keep costs affordable and so you can get studio-quality content creation without the expensive studio. This means you can produce more content to engage customers and grow your business.

Create Internal-Use Content, Too

Not only does Podcast Place help you with video content marketing; it’s the perfect place to produce content to run your business more efficiently. Create reusable videos for human resources, employee onboarding and staff training. Plus, conduct webinars and product feature reviews that can be shared with the internal team as well as customers.

Here are some examples of how your business can benefit from Podcast Place:

Conduct Interviews With Your Satisfied Customers

Get great testimonials and product / service feedback you can use to grow your business.

Record Content for New-Hire Training and Procedures

Deliver consistent instruction for new hires and old hats that they can watch anytime.

Promote your New or Featured Products and Services

Engage your customers and get them excited about what you have to offer.

Be the Expert in Your Own Customer-Facing Podcast

Create videos that talk about user-beneficial features and explain options.

Record Speeches, Press Statements and Reports

Deliver a professional representation of your business to team members, investors and the media.

Let’s Take Charge of Video Content Marketing.